Quirks of bamboo & waterbased inks

As you know, we like to have fun here, but with a nod to the environment – from the material we use to the inks we print our designs with. So we thought it might be useful to create a page to tell you about all the little quirks associated with using bamboo, as a material for active use and other bits and bobs to do with eco printing. 

So first up, bamboo as a material – breathable, wicks moisture, super comfy to wear, anti-bacterial, reaches a saturation point…really? Bamboo does a fantastic job at directing that moisture away from the body but we have found when testing our products the material does reach a point where it cannot absorb anymore. At this point your bamboo tee is still ridiculously comfortable to wear and the time it takes to dry is so quick this ‘saturation point’ is fairly short lived.
It relies on evaporation, so if you either cover it up with something non-breathable and sweat madly, or if it’s very humid and you sweat madly, it can saturate – but it’ll still be more comfortable than nylon!
Bamboo will also wear out more quickly than synthetic fabrics, but they also biodegrade, which is better for the planet, and your skin. Oh and did we mention your tee will still be extremely comfortable!
Next up, eco printing – we have chosen to go down the water-based, route with our printing, which is much kinder to the environment and your skin and brings about a very organic finish. So – no two product prints are exactly the same. We love this, but we feel we should tell you about it so you know what to expect from your Whackjob purchase.
Rest assured, we would never let a product leave our shelves unless we thought it was good enough for you – we pride ourselves in creating, something unique for every customer!
Enjoy your bamboo!