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Gnarl Womens Tee

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Our women's tees are made from a slightly lighter-grade version of the 70/30 bamboo and organic cotton material used for the Trail Tees to provide an even softer, lighter and more flowing feel. They are cut with a wider neckline and more tailored fit and have the same performance qualities, ethical and eco-credentials as the Trail Tees, but specifically designed to fit and look great on women.

They are, to be colloquial about it, totally lush. 

So what can you say about our old favourite, 'Gnarl'?  Sometimes all it takes is a word or two to set an artistic mind off into la-la-land, and that's what we found when we presented designer Adam Boon with a list of outdoor sports terms and let him go nuts. Each design in this range takes a word or phrase and captures the feel and emotions associated with it.

Gnarl slaps your eyeballs with everything that comes to mind when riding, running or otherwise having a blast on gnarly terrain.  Rocky, rooty, gravity-fed and andrenaline-laced eye candy.  Yum.

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