Factory Seconds - for charriddeee!!

Our use of eco and ethical materials and techniques throws up a fair few items which are functionally perfect but in some way non-standard, so they can’t be sold along with other stock. It’s not ethical to waste them, so we just sell them on here at a big old discount – and give 25% of the price to the wonderful youth charity, Ambition UK!

About Ambition:
Ambition is a leading national youth charity, reaching half a million young people every year through a diverse network of youth clubs and community projects. Widespread youth unemployment, school pressure and the prevalence of social media means young people today face significant challenges. Ambition’s vision is to inspire and encourage all young people to achieve by providing the training and support which enables them to do better at school and prepares them for the workplace, whilst improving their health and wellbeing.

More information on the amazing work this organisation has been doing to help the youth of Britain for the past 90 years: www.ambition90.org