About Us

Whackjob was started in 2011 and is based in Devon, UK.  While the brand has its roots in mountain biking, it soon became obvious that the key advantage of the clothing was its versatility.  Today you’ll see people in Whackjob gear doing everything from cycling, running, climbing to clubbing and festivals.

The name “Whackjob” came about because of a sense that sports clothing needed a bit of subversion; a prod at the norms in an industry that seemed to miss the point of why people do sport.   While other brands suggest they can make you faster, stronger, or more competitive, Whackjob is all about making your sport more enjoyable.

The company is also founded on a strong ethical and ecological theme. We spend a lot of time ensuring our products can trace an ethical and sustainable path back to their origins, right through to the bamboo and cotton being organically grown and sourced through certified, fair trading schemes. Even the ink and printing process has to be ecologically as good as you can get.

Our Principles