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  1. A Weight Weenie Walks Into a Bar..

    Joel | | 3 Comments | Whackchat

    Brace yourselves.  We let @Whackjob_Jim near a computer mid-rant and this is what came out.  Any offense caused to people, inanimate objects and common wisdom is probably inevitable.   A Weight Weenie Walks Into a Bar.. …and says, “you can get that in carbon, ya know”. Ok, it’s a terrible gag; sue me. But visualise… Read More »

  2. Your chimp has tiny balls

    Joel | | 4 Comments | Whackchat

    Guest Blog: Ken and the art of Mountainbike Reverence Ageing git, wanna-be ubershredder and amateur bilgemeister of all things philosophical, The Dalai Ken brings us his musings on all things bike and psyche.  Any offence caused is probably intended or at least deserved.   Through my struggles to narrow the gap between what my ego… Read More »

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