Become a Reseller

reseller-tagWhackjob don’t believe in box-shifting. Our resellers are shops, clubs, trail centres and websites with a “by riders, for riders” attitude; businesses that want to guide their customers towards desirable, well-conceived products that best contribute to their riding experience. Shops selling Whackjob tend to be brands in their own right; staffed by people that are trusted by their customers to recommend the best option every time.

Our resellers can expect a collaborative and mutually beneficial approach to business, with genuine support and promotion from Whackjob – we drive custom to you; we don’t just drop boxes at your door. In return we expect resellers take an active role in ensuring their customers are aware of the difference Whackjob offers.

We understand that in order to win against the volume-based competition, we have to think differently and offer something better. We understand your constraints and challenges, and make sure we can provide what you need, when you need it. One example is our Flexible Stock System – an arrangement that means our resellers can offer their customers a full range without having to lock up cashflow in their store cupboard.

Make the most of your space

Display and storage space are always at a premium, but there are two very good reasons to make room for Whackjob products:


The results are simple: higher revenue from the same space, and happy customers that trust your opinion.

If you have a bike business that is looking to offer its customers something new – something better – get in touch with us.

Read the Whackjob Reseller Pack. Product Summarys, Price lists and much more.

quoteJust got my Shore Hoody. Man it’s fantastic, great cut, really warm, looks great, I’m pretty much sleeping in it, riding in it, wearing it around town, walking up hills and pointing at stuff in the far distance in it. It’s a great thing!quote

Matt, Devon