Whackjob Design Philosophy

When creating Whackjob we did our research. Two things became evident: First, there’s very little fun to be found in the designs and marketing of products. We felt that the industry needed a brand that provides products that perform, while also recognising that most of us ride just for enjoyment.

The second observation was that pure aesthetics didn’t feature all that much in mountain bike clothing design. The accepted norm seemed to be that all jersey designs should be made up primarily of logos and be visible from space, while casual wear should either be some kind of one-hit joke, or an expression of just how damned hard the wearer is. ‘Ooh, look: that skull is smiling!’

The litmus test of a Whackjob design is simple: if you just wear it out and about, will that design please the eyes that see it? That’s why even our dafter designs – Nipple Tweak, for example – may raise a smile, but still looks good regardless of the text.

We have huge plans for designs that will progress as time allows, but for now, we have three ranges. Click on the titles below to find out more.

a-bit-special a-bit-abstract a-bit-simple
A Bit Special A Bit Abstract A Bit Simple

quote[The] Jersey was absolutely mint – warm at the top of the forest early on, wicked away sweat and cool during the long trail sections, haven’t tested it’s ’crash’ durability yet – hope not to, it’s too nice a jersey…… :) quote

Andy, New Zealand