Whackjob make ultra-comfy, high-performance, ethically sound sports clothing that looks amazing and works brilliantly.  

If you like your fun comfy, you’ve come to the right place.

Using innovative, natural materials such as bamboo, Whackjob is all about enjoying whatever you do and looking good doing it.  With the right approach to fabrics and designs, there’s no need to separate your sports and leisure wardrobes – why not have it all in one garment?  Why not have a shirt that wicks sweat and keeps you comfortable and fresh when running, cycling, climbing – you name it – but still looks great when you relax afterwards?

That’s why our customers are among the most loyal and enthusiastic out there.  If you’ve not tried Whackjob yet, click on Shop and find out what the fuss is all about!

quoteI’ve worn my t-shirt and hoodie so much that I think they have become my new layer of skin; they’re so light and strong that I forget I’m wearing them. Love em!quote

Tom, Devon